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Thursday, June 10, 2010

44 Things to do before I turn 45

I have been inspired by Spindelmaker's blog post to create my own list of things I want to accomplish before I turn 45 in December. I love lists, they give me something to aim for with the added pleasure of closure as I check off finished items. This is going to be fun! I am going to create the list in no particular order, so I can work on it from any direction. BTW, I am borrowing some of Spindelmaker's list ideas, they were very inspiring...and away we go!

1. Read 10 new books
2. Learn to make bath bombs or bath fizzies
3. Get up to 30 laps in half an hour at the pool
4. Submit work to three magazines
5. Write one letter by hand every week(this is going to be really challenging!)
6. Create art postcards to send to friends and family, randomly
7. Learn to make a good pie crust
8. Can at least 10 different things
9. Bike to Suttons Bay
10. Watch 5 sunrises(meaning I have to get up early!)
11. Go camping at least once
12. Put a flower garden in along the fence
13. Make new glass faucet handles for the kitchen sink
14. Make new glass faucet handles for the bathroom sink
15. Finish the mermaid sculpture I have started
16. Clean and fix up my glass/jewelry studio
17. Clean and fix up my basement
18. Sew curtains for Sophie's room and Tess' room
19. Send anonymous gifts to 3 people
20. Participate in a swap of some kind
21. Finish my new Queen of Tides website
22. Learn to make paper from recycled materials
23. Learn how to silk screen onto fabric
24. Spend 4 days alone with my husband
25. Hang up all my vintage mirrors that have been packed away since our move
26. Have 2 garage sales
27. Volunteer at Cherry Festival
28. Volunteer at TC Film Festival
29. Polish some of the wonderful rocks I've collected, especially the Petoskey stones
30. Add 3 new items to my Etsy shop each week
31. Learn to use the vector portion of Illustrator
32. Watch 10 Photoshop tutorials
33. Write 3 chapters of the book I have in my head
34. Get a tattoo
35. Use my metalsmithing equipment to create some gifts
36. Learn a dance of some kind, something fun, like salsa
37. Sort through old family photos with my mom
38. Create a family tree
39. Take a yoga class
40. Grow herbs indoors
41. Learn to make homemade corn tortillas
42. Make our Christmas cards
43. Make glass beads on average, once a week
44. Create a large mosaic

Ok, so I might edit this within the next 48 hours...depends, something may strike me over the next two days, something I've been wanting or meaning to do and forgot.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow, Maria, you have some really great things to do on your list.. the salsa, and the garage-sales and the tattoo... Now you are inspiring me! :-)
    I linked to you on my 41-list.


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