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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Orange ATC Swap

      I received my ATC from the Blissful ATC Swap two days ago, but haven't had a chance to take a photo till yesterday. My swap partner this month went all out! First I opened the envelop and there was a gorgeous handmade card with lots of layers and stamped sunflowers, so cool! Then I opened the card and inside there was another lovely handmade "tag," with ribbon, rhinestones and machine stitching with a pocket that was holding the ATC. And then I pulled the ATC out and it was just beautiful, as you can see. "Orange Dream" is the title and I just love it! Thank you so much Linda R.!!! She wrote that this was her first ATC, if you can believe it, I can't, it is just perfect. I've only made two, so she got my second ATC ever...so fun to be trading with others that are new to ATCs like me. I photographed each component of what Linda sent me so you can see how fun it was to find so many treasures in one envelop!
      I will post a photo of the ATC I created for Linda after she posts it on her blog, which is in keeping with the rules of the Blissful ATC Swap. Orange use to be one of my least favorite colors, but as I've grown older, I find myself drawn to orange and using it often. Orange brings out so many other colors, like purple, blue, green and yellow. I love to mix it with pink and red too. Having once avoided orange like the plague, I now find that I can't live without it. My favorite color is still white, followed closely by turquoise, but orange is in my top five now. Melon, pumpkin, 
mango, carrot, peach, squash, sunset... there are so many shades and tones of orange, what's not to love? Of course, I don't wear orange very often, hard to find orange clothing in the right shade and style for some reason that doesn't look "Halloween." I should also mention that although the tag with the pocket that Linda sent me looks rather pink in the photos, it is actually a lovely shade of peach and orange, don't know why it photographed so pink. I'll play around with it in Photoshop and see if I
can improve the color without wrecking the other pieces.
    If you are interested in joining in the swap, there is a link in my sidebar, check it out, they are welcoming everyone to participate, isn't that cool?  So do something with orange today, play around and see if it doesn't make your favorite color "pop!"


  1. I love it! Linda did a fantastic job!
    I'm with you...as I've gotten older, I'm liking orange more than I did as a kid. What do you think that means?? Hmm.
    I'm excited to see the card you made for her.
    Angela (Fellow Blissfull ATC Swapper)

  2. I'm just getting around to everyone's blogs to check out the "Orange" ATC's. Lovin' them :) Awesome! Love that beach image!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind comment.. I had a blast making it!

    Hugs, Linda

  4. Both you girls did a great job, is this not the most fun. I can't wait for wendy to do the post with them all together.

  5. Goodness she did go all out ! have to step up my game here LOL :))
    I have always loved orange...I love purple and orange is a great compliment to it. You should see my living room..deep purple walls and orange...well I like to call it "terra cotta" LOL.

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