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I am a multifaceted woman, living with intention and passion. I always see the glass as half full (ok, almost always). Currently into: jewelry design, glass beadmaking (aka lampworking), visual journaling, cooking and web design everything. Things that bring me great joy: my family, friends, Scrabble, British period pieces, Shabby Chic, Austin, TX, mini art tiles, autographed cookbooks, chocolate, Chianti, pedicures and beach glass. I don't "do" and/or dig: dishonesty, guilt, intolerance, unkindness, drama and goat cheese (it's a long story, but I love all the other cheeses!) So you now have a teeny tiny little picture of me, with a few warts thrown in. Welcome to my world!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sunshine and Snow

Sun shining through snowfall
     I am not a fan of winter. I don't like to be cold or cold and wet, or chilled or being wrapped up in multiple layers in order to keep warm. That said, I do love the look of winter, especially when there is sunshine involved. This morning, I had to take my son into town and as soon as I stepped out of my front door, this was the image that greeted me. I took a picture with my cell phone camera, but it doesn't quite capture the snow that was falling, which made the whole scene very magical. Sometimes beauty can distract me from discomfort, isn't that wonderful? It was 1 degree outside, 1 degree, a single lonely digit. But the sunshine made the snow glitter and shimmer and it was ok, better than ok. It was the beginning of a lovely day.


  1. Beautiful picture! I'm Floridian and have never even seen snow like that in person. And yet, I still hate the winter. LOL!

  2. Brenna,
    I'm not a fan of it either, lol, but I do enjoy the four seasons, I just wish winter was only a month long instead of the five months we get up here in Northern Michigan!

  3. Good morning!
    Your picture is gorgeous! I would trade places with you in a HEARTBEAT! I don't mind layers, I love the snow and the storms and on the flip side - I DESPISE being hot (hence the reason I am truly HATING hot flashes!) :)
    Now go dig out those lamps!!! Sometimes it is too funny where our inspiration comes from!
    Have a wonderful day! Karen


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