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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Drive by post...Perfectly Prepped article in Whole Living magazine

From this...
     My latest issue of Whole Living magazine has a wonderful article with recipes for stocking your fridge with ready to go components of great meals. This means that with some simple prep work every few days, you can have wonderful meals ready to whip up in just a few minutes every night. I already tried this in part and it works great!  You have to buy the magazine to read the article since it is just out, but here is a link to another article about the woman behind this mise en place, a technique that every restaurant already uses to prep and put things together quickly. I have decided that I will be keeping pasta in the fridge always, along with either cous cous, rice, polenta or other whole grain that keeps its shape well under refrigeration. I am also going to keep some type of pesto on hand, two seasonal veggies (pumpkin going into the oven later today) and two proteins, like slow roasted pork shoulder and roasted chicken on hand. I'll experiment with other things like the balsamic poached figs, carmelized onion jam and golden raisin vinaigrette that are mentioned in the Whole Living article too. Lastly, I'll just keep some basic parmesean and sharp cheddar around too. Now off to make the cous cous and noodles for this week...pork shoulder is already done. http://brooklynbased.net/email/2010/10/secrets-of-a-well-stocked-fridge/ I'd love to hear what you all think of this whole concept, I am so excited, being so busy with school lately.

The "prepped" fridge!

...to this!


  1. we live by this motto. it's like going in for a test and having the answers...you just have to fill them in! and, btw, i love that you accessed Brooklyn Based. so good, right?! keep up the great work :)

  2. Thanks for providing a great explanation of what we do at Purple Kale. It's exciting to see that the method is so successfully translated to the page, and so inspirational for others. Happy cooking.

    Ronna Welsh, chef/owner,
    Purple Kale Kitchenworks and 2minutestodinner.com

  3. A year later, yesterday, I saw this piece in Whole Living at the doc's office. I was blowis absolute common sense approach to a quick evening meal. I have been cooking and loving it (obsessing, some people say) for 55 years, so when you can get me excited about something "new" in cooking, you hit the jackpot.

    I did something I never do -- tore out the article, telling myself it was "old," when to me it is actually universal and brilliant)and will copy it to share with friends. If Welsh wrote a book around that idea, it would sell off the delivery cart and never be out of print.


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