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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Road Trip to Teesha Moore's Class

     So I left yesterday afternoon for Avon Lake, Ohio. Spent the night in Royal Oak, Michigan with one of my best friends, got up and did some garage "sailing" this a.m. and then got back on the road around 1:30. Thrilled to see the "Welcome to Ohio" sign since that meant only another 2 hours to go. The total trip is about 7 hours. After I got on the 80/90 Turnpike, it was pretty smooth sailing. Thank goodness I rented a car with good gas mileage and A/C, it was 95 degrees! The CD player did not work, but the radio was great, found lots of stations with music I like to sing a long with while driving. No accidents or major construction, how cool, right?
     So I made my way to the lovely Sunset Shores B&B in Avon Lake and I was greeted by this lovely tree lined canopy, I just love it! Something magical about driving or walking though a canopy of trees. We try to drive along this gorgeous winding and canopied road in the fall when the colors are peak up in Harbor Springs, it is breathtaking. But enough of the fall, I'm in no rush to go there, though it is my favorite season. My room is lovely, furnished with art deco waterfall furniture and with two great views of Lake Erie. The deck is perfect to watch a sunset or sunrise, which I plan on taking advantage of tonight! Don't you wish you were here? Teesha Moore's class starts at 10 a.m. tomorrow, I hope I can sleep, I'm soooo excited!!!
Her husband Tracy Moore is also teaching a class and both are full, so I'll get to meet a lot of new artsy type people this weekend. Big thanks to Ginny of Small Studio Productions for hosting such wonderful classes this year to celebrate her birthday all year long!

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