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Friday, July 15, 2011

Wednesday, er, Friday Fab Finds!

Vintage moonlight print
     Ok, so I am two day late with this post, but considering that I became a Grandmama on Tuesday, I actually have a very good excuse for not getting this post up any sooner. If you want to see pictures and video of my new grandson, click here or here. He is in another state far away, which means I won't see him for a few weeks  yet, but he comes home from the hospital today and I just know my son will be Skyping me so I can have a virtual visit. What a boon technology is sometimes.
     Alrighty, back to my Fab Finds for this week. The first is a print of a ship sailing under the moonlight. I think it is from the 20's or 30's because of the frame and print style. I actually collect these kind of prints, I think they are charming and romantic. I only collect moonlight scenes though, so that is a challenge. I have three or four so far, and I love them all. This one came from an estate sale in my own neighborhood. I sent my daughter over on the half off day and she asked them hold it for me. It was $8 but I got it for $4, so I was a very happy camper. I have rules about the things I collect. I won't pay more than a certain amount, no matter what it is. I won't pay over $10 for a moonlight print from that era, but they don't usually have more than $4-$20 on them. I also like to wait until the half off day, unless I am in love with a certain piece, but it still has to fall within the budget I've set for that type of object.
Snack or luncheon set, one of four sets
     Moving on, the next find is a snack set. The rectangular glass bottom is so decorative and the emerald green cup so striking in contrast, I thought they would be fun to actually use sometime with family or company. There were four sets that came in the original box, though it was very worn out, the sets were in mint condition. I think these were popular wedding gifts that were rarely used. Meant for a particular type of entertaining that was well imagined, but obviously not very popular. I see these sets at thrift shops, resale stores, garage sales and estate sales, usually priced on the low side and many times missing either the trays, or cups or a combination thereof. This set is gorgeous and I can't wait to use them to serve lunch or an evening snack here at home. I made the mistake of photographing only one set on a very textured background, which hides a lot of the fun detail in the tray. When I serve something with them I'll take a better photo.
Bird family figurine
     My next find was this sweet and charming (let me just say now that I am a sucker for anything I deem "charming," so that will be in the description of many finds). It is a mother bird with two baby birds or fledglings. The glaze colors are soft and muted, almost dreamy. The trio are well placed and hold my interest. There is no identifying mark or name on the bottom, but it is definitely not a piece made within the last 20 years, of that much I am sure. Either way, it is a small figurine that I can tuck in anywhere among my treasure in my house and it was marked $1, so on the half off day at the estate sale I bought it from, I paid .50 cents. Wouldn't it be great to find out it is a rare and costly piece someday? But even if it isn't I bought this piece for the pleasure it gives me to see it, not as a resale investment, though I don't discount that possibility someday. My home can only hold so many treasures...
Umbrella napkin holder
     My last fab find for today's show and tell is also my favorite. I have never seen such a thing and although it is a cheap little thing, I absolutely fell in love with it! I think you can tell by just looking at the photo what it is, but if not, let me enlighten you. It is an umbrella luncheon napkin holder. The napkins are folded a certain way (similar to folding paper to cut out paper snowflakes) and the point of each one is then inserted into a narrow slot near the bottom and then that point rests on a little ledge just below the slot it was passed through. The end result is the most charming (see, what did I tell you?) napkin umbrella!  I got this at a local thrift shop for the unheard of price of .75 cents!!! I would have gladly paid 20 times that (shh, but don't tell anyone), it is so unique and right up my alley as someone who likes to have "tea" and enjoys all the accoutrements of tea. I love the curved umbrella handle too, the whole thing is just so clever.
     Next week, I have some fun pieces to show off that I have been modifying...hope they are finished by then, I'm still working on my t-shirt redo and my daughter's tunic. Not hard, but becoming a Grandmama threw me off my game. But I have the weekend ahead of me and I can't wait to finish those projects. I will post the finished photos as soon as they are done, promise. I feel like we are going to have a stellar weekend, I wish the same for all of you!



  1. To the Queen of Tides...I believe I have the original oil painting of the Tall Ship in the Moonlight which you posted on your blog! I just purchased it in an antique mall in Bisbee, Arizona a few days ago! It is on artist's board, but unframed. Very old! It is signed D Ferguson on the lower right corner of the painting. The strange thing is, last night we were watching an old Twilight Zone on TV and there, on the wall behind the actors was the very same print which you have! This started me thinking that the artist must have been somewhat well known if there were prints made of the painting. And now, I find you have another one! I've searched the internet for this artist with no luck, but my resources are limited. Big auction houses have access to hundreds of thousands of artist's information, but unfortunately, I don't. I'm wondering if you could do me a favor and look at your print and let me know if your print shows the artist's signature on the lower right in the waves? I would really appreciate your help. This way I would know if I have a copy painted by another artist or the original painting. Thanking you so much in advance! Warm regards, Mark :0) mtdu_bois@yahoo.com

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