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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Catching up

     So I haven't posted in several months. I guess I need to give a condensed recap ala Neil Patrick Harris' 2011 Tony Awards wrap up. Here goes...

Typography "Creative Grid" project

     Back in school, feeling cool, feeling fine learning web design. C#, Access, XML, everything was going swell. Throw in Type, I get the hype, letter forms do more than sell. Final projects and presentations, all precursors to end of year examinations. Studied hard, sleepless nights, passed my classes, scaled those heights. Took a week to recover, while being a  mother, end of year kid stuff, they had also had enough.
Ultrasound of my grandson!
Time to plan for my Navy son's arrival in June, along with his wife (carrying my grandson, who will be born soon!) End of year concerts, field trips and more, while planning two baby showers, what are mom's for? Spring came and went, hubby built raised beds, planted our garden and picked dandelion heads. Dandelion jelly did not want to set, so poured it on pancakes as syrup you bet. Son arrived with fanfare and joy, showers went well, can't wait for the new baby boy.
Tea Baby Shower
First shower theme was a tea fit for the queen, second shower theme was Star Wars BBQ like you've never seen. Cried when they left, my heartstrings pulled tight, but feeling much better, thanks to summer sunshine and light. Read "Hunger Games," and could not put it down, but also working on a JavaScript crown.
Star Wars BBQ Invite
Back in the kitchen, cooking away, new and old recipes wanting to play. Hubby got Bell's Palsy and gave me a scare, but is now on the mend and we hear it's not rare. Visits to and from my parents, they are too far I say, but thankful to have them in my life everyday. And just yesterday, we heard and saw pics, a bear was seen roaming our hood, I assume just for kicks.
Black bear wandering around our 'hood!
So that's the gist, a wrap up of sorts, my blog now returns to regular reports. Happy summer to you and to yours, from northern Michigan, where you'll find me enjoying mine, but of course!


  1. So happy to hear from you didn't know where you went, I keep checking your blog AND an email I sent just to make sure you weren't in a jam but I'm guessin' my email went straight to spam. Thank your son and thank his wife too from a Navy wife and mother I know what they go through ...great news about the GRANDbaby they are just the best and I'm so glad you're back after such a long rest (())

  2. Thanks Francie! Had a nice little visit on your blog earlier today, trying to catch up on all my favs. So many great blogs full of inspiration and great info, just not enough hours in the day!


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